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Our Background

Blue Cord Diving Services, LLC provides in-water hull cleanings, inspections, prop changes, lost item recovery, salvage, and more; we are a Veteran Owned and Operated business in the North Georgia area.

Meet the Team at Blue Cord Diving Services…

My name is Vic Hudson and I started this business because I felt my underwater experience and service expertise could benefit the local community. I am a retired veteran who served in the US Army. My wife is a local and we decided Georgia is a great place to live and raise our children!





Caila here! I was born and raised right here in Georgia. I’ve always loved the water but it turned into a way of life after my first SCUBA dive. I’ve been a professional diver for over 10 years now. When I was given the opportunity for more water time working with BCDS, I jumped at the chance. Cleaning boats is hard work but you’ll only catch me smiling the whole time! 

My name is Alex. I was born in Mexico, but have been raised in Georgia for the vast majority of my life. I served in the Marine Corps, where I ended up learning to dive whilst in Okinawa. BCDS is a lot of work, but it’s work I enjoy. Not to mention everyone doesn’t get to say they go out to the lake everyday!

I’m Quinton but you can call me “Q”! 

I’m a Champion at heart of this game we call life. I was  introduced to my love of the water marlin fishing with my parents at a young age, from the boats we rode on to the reefs we fished they were daily players of salty sea air!  As I’ve gotten older that love has developed into everything marine from captaining my own vessels to diving with Blue Cord! My life is an open book of exhilarating adventures above and below the water and now I get to share that with my own family! My amazing wife Savannah and our three boys!  





Bobby’s career has been a tapestry of diverse expertise and unwavering dedication. Starting as a high school plumber, he honed his skills in the automobile repair industry for an impressive 17 years, thriving as a service advisor. Transitioning into low-voltage wiring, he excelled in installing home theaters and handling intricate electronic systems. Later, Bobby became a Manufacturing Manager at a medical company, showcasing his understanding of crafting joint rehab devices.

Recently, Bobby’s talent has been evident as he meticulously reconstructed golf carts, demonstrating his mechanical prowess and attention to detail. These experiences and his vast knowledge uniquely position Bobby as a valued employee to Blue Cord Diving. 

Hey guys! I’m Marcus a native of Michigan, I grew up in North Georgia. I am a paramedic with over 27 years experience, a teacher/instructor, wedding officiant, father to two amazing boys and husband to my best friend Jill. I wanted to learn to dive to overcome my fears of diving. I did and absolutely love it! Working for BCDS has given me experience and confidence as a diver and helped me realize how much I love the water! With three years under my weight belt, I look forward to many more underwater adventures and helping our lake communities however I can! 




Possessing a master’s degree in biblical archaeology from Trinity College of Apologetics and Theology, Eric Paracka is a certified Scientific Diver and Public Safety Diver. Besides working for Blue Cord Diving Services Eric Paracka does volunteer maritime archaeological work through Finding The Lost Archaeological Society and Maritime Archaeological Society in underwater surveying, mapping, and documentation of historical sites. 

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Hi I’m Justin. I’m an Army vet turned Firefighter paramedic. From Firefighting, Scuba diving was the next step in my quest to breathe nothing but the finest of bottled air. I’ve been diving for three years now and quickly became addicted. When I saw a company called Blue Cord Diving I figured that they were exactly my type of people. Now that I’m here I enjoy the opportunity to get in the water as often as I can


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